Dr. Nasha’s Summer 2023 World Tourx2

There’s a time-honored saying, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” This summer, I’ve enthusiastically flipped through the chapters of my own global journey, traversing diverse landscapes, meeting fascinating individuals, and spreading the message of the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health (MTIH).

This is what my summer has looked like, thus far:

  • PVR to LAX to LHR to ZUR, train to Bergun (Switzerland)

  • Van to Milan, train to Tuscany, van to the castle in the middle of nowhere (or as my friend, Doug says, Now Here) (Italy)

  • Van to Rome, FCO to ATH, ferry to Paros (Greece)

  • PAS to ATH to LTN (UK).

  • LHR to PMI. (Spain)

  • PMI to ORY. (France)

  • CDG to DFW to DRO (USA)

  • Drive to Tucson, AZ USA, drive to San Carlos, Sonora drive to Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and on to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit– HOME! (Mexico)

Eight countries, under seven weeks, nine illuminating lectures; each destination presented an opportunity for exploration, connection, learning, and above all, a chance to change the world one moment at a time. Our world travel was truly a captivating book of experiences, and each destination and person that we encountered added a unique page to this extraordinary narrative.

Some of the highlights included: 
  • KetoLive with some of the best minds in metabolic health from around the globe, updates in research in the metabolic health space, and another sneak peek of Maggie and Brad’s documentary coming out this fall!

  • Tuscany retreat meet and greet with our EU and UK-based MTIH patient advocates and practitioners—being in the presence of like-minded, soulful, and passionate colleagues determined to change health outcomes for folks dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

  • A week-long strategy session on the island of Paros, Greece which has served as a source of inspiration, self-care, and motivation as well as focused attention for the expansion of our educational programs globally and coordination of strategic partnerships to spread the MTIH mission and vision.

  • Joining the massive IPM community in London presenting as well as hearing from health experts and thought leaders from around the globe.  Standing ovation for the closing keynote with Dr. Zach Bush and an intimate and inspirational dinner with Dr. Bush, Steve, Janet, and myself to discuss the future of MTIH

  • Having a moment to catch a breath and pause in Mallorca, Spain between 3 lectures in London to a final lecture in Paris after jam-packed weeks with no break while exploring potential future retreat sites for our MTIH community.

  • Spending time making beautiful connections and discussions sharing with our ICNM tribe and feeling excited to hear that metabolic health is the focus for all of the conferences, seemingly unrelated, just highlighting that MTIH is positioned to make the biggest contribution to changing the narrative in health care in general and cancer care in particular.

  • Landing back in Durango, back in the usual weekly workflow mingled with family, friends, and farewells as Steve and I continue to pull up more of our roots to make Mexico our full-time home.

  • Back to Mexico and woke up to this peace, calm, sunrise meditation — the stillness after the storm. 

Have you embarked on any adventures this summer? Join us on Facebook and Instagram to follow all things MTIH and keep tabs on my upcoming fall work/travel itinerary spanning the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Maldives. Here’s to a promising rest of 2023. Continue to thrive!

Yours globally, Dr. Nasha